Learning about an overview of the Lighting Settings Asset


What is the Lighting Settings Asset?

On Unity 2020.3 docs, it describe about the Lighting Settings Asset in the following:

A Lighting Settings Asset represents a saved instance of the LightingSettings class, which stores data for the Baked Global Illumination and the Realtime Global Illumination systems. The Unity Editor uses this data when it precomputes lighting data for a Scene that uses one or both of these systems.

You can assign the same Lighting Settings Asset or instance of the LightingSettings class to more than one Scene, which makes it easy to share Global Illumination system settings across multiple Scenes.

The asset isn’t in Unity 2019.3, it support from Unity 2020.3. I found a difference in the Lightning section when comparing the Unity 2020.3 and 2019.4 docs. But Unity was announcing it on the official forum.

By default, when you create a new scene that is assigned the default read-only Lighting Settings Asset. The default asset defined internally by Unity, so you have not editable of it. But the default asset bring you baking feature of Unity.

Certainly, the Lighting window ( Window > Rendering > Lighting) has turned on theBaked Global Illumination as default. It’s a new scene.


  • Unity v2020.3.20f1
  • macOS Big Sur v11.6


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