Fix normals error with “Set to Face” on Maya



Maya provides a menu for displaying surface and vertex normals.


  • macOS Big Sur (v11.5.2)
  • Maya 2022.1

Face Normals and Vertex Normals

A normal is a theoretical line, perpendicular to the surface of a polygon. In Maya, normals are used to determine the orientation of a polygon face (face normals), or how the edges of faces will visually appear in relation to each other when shaded (vertex normals).

Polygon normals | Maya 2022 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Menu is here:

ItemLocation in menu
Face NormalsDisplay > Polygons > Face Normals
Vertex NormalsDisplay > Polygons > Vertex Normals

Face Normals

If you turned on Face Normals, face show green line on Viewport.

Vertex Normals

If you turned on Vertex Normals, vertex show green line on Viewport. At this time, if you see a yellow line, it is an error in the vertex normal.

None problem


How to fix

If a face has black or you catch a yellow line when you display the vertex normals, try the following it to solve.

  1. Select face
  2. Mesh Display > Set to Face

In more complex cases, this method may not solve the problem. If you try Vertex Normal Edit Tool or Set Vertex Normal.


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