Hide the date archive page of WordPress in a web search engine (e.g. Google, Duck Duck Go)


Q. Why is the date archive page of my website in search result page of google?
A. That’s because the date archive page doesn’t output the noindex meta tag. All in One SEO doesn’t output noindex in the date archive page as default settings.

no-index for the date archive page


  • WordPress v5.8.1
  • All in One SEO v4.1.4.4
    • Not Pro Edition


  1. Open admin page of your WordPress.
  2. Click All in One SEO in left side menu of admin page.
  3. Click Search Appearance in All in One SEO.
  4. Click Archives menu in Search Appearance page.
  5. Turn off Show in Search Results in Date Archives section.
  6. Click Save Changes button.