ServerMonitor 1.1 release

<h2>ABOUT</h2>This app can check server using HTTP (HTTPS) GET.<ol> <li>Resist server</li> <li>Connect to server</li> <li>Check status. Red is maybe insecurity. Green is stable</li></ol><h2>DIFFERENCE FROM PREVIOUS</h2><ul> <li>support "self-signed certificate" on https</li></ul><h2>HOW TO GET</h2>ServerMonitor is available from an <a href="">AppStore</a>.<a href=";uo=4" target="itunes_store"><img style="border:0;" alt="ServerMonitor -" src="" /></a><h2>HOW TO USE</h2>[youtube=]<h2>NEXT ISSUE</h2><ol> <li>export server list to something cloud service</li> <li>import server list from something cloud service</li></ol>