Emacs keybinding for Visual Studio 2019

macOS provide Emacs keybinding as a natively. At least, I need it on Visual Studio of Windows.


If you must get Ctrl+A to be a keybinding that moves the cursor to the beginning of a line in Visual Studio, install Emacs emulation 2. This post will make your wish come true.

How to setup

Open Extentions > Manage Extensions.


Type emacs in Search bar. Then, click Download button. If it finished, Quit Visual Studio.


Windows show VSIX Installer. Take care of it.


Next, launch Visual Studio and Open someone project. So, appear Emacs emulation's dialog. Click OK on the one.


Open Tools > Options..., then select Emacs in Environment > Keyboard.


Select Emacs, click OK.


The installation maybe completed with the above. So please try Ctrl + A on text editor in Visual Studio.