Setup a Unity project for HoloLens with Mixed Reality Feature Tool



A HoloLens unity project has a hassle that build a environment in the first time. The Mixed Reality Feature Tool mitigate it.

  • Download Mixed Reality Feature Tool from Official Microsoft Download Center
  • How to use Mixed Reality Feature Tool

    The Mixed Reality Feature Tool require unity project, so we should create a unity project in the first.
    When you done it, launch Mixed Reality Feature Tool.

    Click Startbutton.

    Select your unity project. Then, click Discover Features.

    Next, select the following features:

    • Mixed Reality Toolkit
      • Mixed Reality Toolkit Foundation
    • Platform Support
      • Mixed Reality OpenXR Plugin

    Click Importbutton.

    Open your unity project with Unity. Then, click Unity OpenXR plugin (recommended)in the MRTK Project Configurator window.

    Click Show XR Plug-in Management Settings.

    Turn on OpenXRin the Project Settings window.

    Click Mixrosoft HoloLens feature group.

    Back to the MRTK Project Configurator, click Apply Settings.

    Click Apply.


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